Lets Go

Good evening everyone and welcome to my path to financial freedom. My name is Georgi, im originally from Bulgaria currently living in the UK.

So what do I mean by ‘from zero’ ? I mean that 3 years ago i was in an absolute stagnation -I was smoking weed all day and not really doing anything productive in my life. My only income source was my moms allowance of 5 levas a day. Lev is the currency in Bulgaria and 5 levas are about 2.5 euros.

Yes you heard that right – I was living my days on less than 3 euros and what was worse had no intention or idea how to change that. My days were a deja vu of the days before for quite some time. I was surrounded by my ‘friends’ and we were all living in that same lifestyle. We spent the majority of our days in the neighbourhood smoking weed drinking beer and commenting on other people’s lives. And that continued day after day after day- same old routine which we were almost incouncusely doing without really thinking what are we actually doing with our lives.

As the time was going by I was starting to feel more and more that I need to change something and I need to change something drastically. I had to go out of that comfort zone get out of that circle of ‘friends’ and change my perspective about life.

So I started a job. I was working in a logistics center doing manual labor loading and unloading trucks full of bycycles and baby toys. As you can imagine that wasnt the best nor the funniest job in the world but it was definetely better than my life before that. And as I was still living with my parents that actually provided me with the chance to save some money. I was working quite a lot and didnt have the time to spend what I was earning. And most importantly with less free time I had less time to thing about silly things.

I kept on working there for almost a year and then I started to realise that this is not the long -term solution to my problems. I still had no real perception about who I really am, what I really wanted to do in life and all those important questions.

So I realised I need to change my surroindings and start my life completely from the ground up -no friends, no relatives, no people calling me in the middle of the night with stupid ideas and no more meaningles life. I wanted to do Something with my life.

And so one day as I was going home from work I saw offers for seasonal jobs in England on a poster near home. I wrote down the addres for the job- expo kind of thing they were organising and was ready to give it a chance. I went there one Saturday morning and had a chat with a couple of people working for the agencies recruiting people. So they offered me a job in a warehouse. As you are expecting it wasnt the best job nor the best paying job- otherwise they wouldnt be coming to Bulgaria to look for unskilled temporary workers . But I didnt care as all I wanted was to change my surroundings and spend some time with myself.I had just enough money saved so I can buy the plane tickets and pay my two weeks deposit for the house I was going to live in.

The job was starting in two weeks so I quit my current job said goodbye for now to my family, had one last massive night out with all my ‘friends’ and went to the Sofia Airport massively hangover with a little perception of where was I actually going.

I was completely on my own with just enough money to survive about a week, pretty broken english and I didnt even know they name of the city I was going to, let alone the place where I was going to work or the house where I was going to sleep.Fortunately in the plane I met another guy from Bulgaria who was going to work at the same place and we were going to live in the same house aswell.

So we moved in the house -me , the guy from the plane, his cousin and a random indian guy who was working in IT in Warrington.

The house and the job were both as low as it can possibly go.The house was atleast a 100 years old and the job was hard manual labor for minimum wage.As we were hired primarily for the strong season to Christmas we were working atleast 70 hours a week.

Weirdly enough I loved it. I loved the fact that im alone with my thoughts and plans and started to realise what I actually wanted. I found out that I love cooking and financials. I was able to save quite a lot of money for my standards very quickly as I barely had any expenses and was working a lot thus making decent money. I started researching different financial instruments and how to put my money to work.I was fascinated by the compounding effect and the passive income possibilities.

At first my goal was to save enough money to buy a house back home and rent it out.Everything was going to plan until one day they offered me a job in Sheffield.It sounded amazing – I was going to be a sales rep and as per the guy who was interviewing me I was about to make 6 figure income by the end of year one.Boy was I gulible.I moved to Sheffield and started working that ‘dream job’.

It consisted of promoting the broadband provider TalkTalk to people in shopping centres and city centres.The job was commission only which I didnt really know until I had already moved to Sheffield.You had to work about 90 hours a week mostly in the freezing cold weather in January in small cities around Sheffield promoting broadband to the random people.

As you can imagine that didnt work out great for me. About a month later I found myself with no money as I had to pay for all my expenses myself – all the traveling every day, food rent and so on. So ofcourse I had to quit this ‘job’.

So it was end of January and I had no job no money and no one which I knew in the largely unknown for me town of Sheffield in north England.I started looking for jobs only to find out that in January the companies looking for employees is super low, especially for unskilled people with barely any experience like me.

I opened the job sites and found a total of 30 job ads from the whole of Sheffield in all the different industries.As I didnt have much of a choice I applied to every single one of them.They called me from two- the first one was door to door charity fundraising and the other one was from a local pub as an apprentice chef.

The interview for the chef job was in a couple of weeks so I took the job as a fundraiser so I can atleast make enough money to pay my rent.I worked there for a couple of weeks and that was harder than I would ever expect it to be. You had to walk 10+ miles a day in the freezing cold and rainy weather around Yorkshire.During my three weeks there I got sick once with pneumonia and went into the hospital in Barnsley with my back hurting so much that I couldnt even walk.

I still managed to go through this , pay my rent and go for the interview in the pub for the chefs job. As an apprentice the salary was below minimum wage but at that point in my life that actually seemed decent.I had my interview there and got the job – after all not that many people would like to work for about 150£ a week.

But it turned out I actually enjoy cooking and was pretty dfecent at that aswell.I started reading about cooking , watching documentaries and researching the possibilites ahead of me.After one year I finished my apprenticeship and got my qualification.Shout out to all the amazing people in the pub who supported me and had a great time together.

So after I finished my apprenticeship it was time to start thinking about my next step.As Sheffield doesnt have that much of a cooking scene I decided to move to london. I had friends there so I moved in with them.I worked a various different jobs until I started in a five star hotel there as a commis chef. Its been about seven months since im there and I feel like im learning new things every day and getting better and better.

So what do I mean by ‘to freedom’ ?

I mean to financial freedom – a place I want to be as soon as possible.I dont like the word retirement because I dont want to retire.I just want to have the stress out of having bills to pay and having to work every day despite if I like it or not.

I just want to have my time for myself- after all there is only so much time we have left in our lives.I just dont imagine myself having to work until im 70 years old or atleast not for somebody else. I want to create my own projects and follow my own path.

I guess this is my story so far. I apologise for any gramatical mystakes, after all english is my second language and to be honest the purpose of this blog is not to be perfectly gramatically correct. Its purpose is to tell my story and hopefully inspire other people to do so aswell. After all three years ago I didnt have a dime in my pocket and barely any skills or knowledge. Dont have rich parents either so everything in life I have to fight for and grab it myself. So to everyone who is complaining that life is unfair can follow my posts and see how that turns out.

All comments are appreciated, be so negative or positive.

Stay tuned and keep your head high as no one will keep it high for you.

2 thoughts on “Lets Go

  1. Lars

    Good luck on your path to freedom 🙂


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