Why Did I Make This Website ?

Good evening everyone hope you had a great day. In this post I just wanted to bring a bit of light on that why did I choose to make a blog. The reason is pretty simple- to keep myself accountable infront other people and also I think will be an interesting read to alot of you.

There are a tons of blogs about somewhat succesful people who have their live sorted and have their flashy cars and big houses.BUT the actual content in those sort of blogs is very little. Most of them want to trick people like you and me to buy their courses books or whatever despite the very little knowledge inside them.

Im going to do something completely different- im going to make my blog sort of a journey on how am I going to reach where I want to be. Instead with the end im going to start with the beggining and you are going to follow all my ups and downs instead of the flashy fake pictures witch do not help us in any way. I want to create a community of all the people who are doing things on their own and are slowly building their dreams to reality.

Im going to share with you everything that I have picked up along the way- the useful and not so useful things.

Hopefully in a couple of years people are going to read this blog and see what it takes to do what you want to do. 

Unfortunately I dont have enough free time to post as often as I would like to but I will try to stick to atleast a post a week. Most of my posts are going to be about motivation, personal finance, stock market and other financial tools.

If you have any preferences on what would you like to read here please let me know as we are going to build that journey together.

Wish you all happy holidays and see you next time.

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