About Me

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog ZeroToFreedom. My name is Georgi and here im going to write about my journey from living on 2$ a day to financially free. I will also post a lot about the stock market as these two things go hand-by hand for me. I am reading a lot about the markets and macroeconomics and have gone through huge amounts of data, which I will be sharing with you, or atleast the useful stuff.

I will post all my ups and downs in this blog and you can see what it takes to succeed with a plan you have.

If you have any questions or ideas dont hesitate to contact me. I am eager to build a community of like-minded people so any feedback is appreciated.

If you would like to follow me on the journey and learn more about the stock market, financial indepence, building wealth and many more make sure you subscribe to the blog so you get the latest news along my way.

Disclaimer :

I am not a registered financial advisor and all the information on this website is for entertainment purposes only. All investments carry a degree of risk. Make sure you do your own research before investing your money in any financial instrument.

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