My 2019 Plans and Goals

2018 is now behind us and is time to say hello to 2019. It is very important to ask ourselfs this one very important question – ” What do I want to acomplish this year ?” For everyone of course the answer will be different, but my main goal is to get one step closer … Continue reading My 2019 Plans and Goals

My 2018

So 2018 is coming to an end and I decided to share with you how this year has been to me. So to start in the beggining of the year I was still in Sheffield working in a local pub for £800/month. I was still doing my qualification and finished it in March. One month … Continue reading My 2018

Saving on Minimum Wage in the UK – My Story

Welcome back everyone, hope you are having great holidays. Today I decided to tell you a story on how I managed to save a big part of my not so big income and how anyone can do it. So I came to the UK about 3 years ago and the jobs I have worked so … Continue reading Saving on Minimum Wage in the UK – My Story